Car Tips 9 - Detect a Radiator Problem

  • When the engine has cooled, look at the radiator overflow.
  • Open the radiator cap and look inside the radiator.
  • If the radiator is empty, fill with antifreeze or water, and close the cap. Overheating can be caused by a variety of circumstances.
  • Flush the radiator if it is not empty but the water is rusty. You may need a new radiator if that does not correct the problem.
  • If it is leaking, flush the radiator and treat with a commercial radiator sealant. You may need a new radiator if this does not correct the problem.


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Change a tire Detect an alignment problem
Preventive maintenance Detect a radiator problem
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  • Look at both the lower and upper radiator hoses located at the top and bottom of the radiator on the backside and held by hose clamps.
  • Make sure the hoses are securely clamped to the radiator and are not leaking.
  • See a mechanic if the car is still overheating.


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