Car Tips 6 - Detect an Alignment Problem


  • Check tires for proper inflation. Pressing a tire gauge onto the valve of each wheel and comparing the reading to the recommended pressure printed on the tire's sidewall can do this.
  • Add air as needed.
  • Check for uneven wear in the tread. Drive to a mechanic and ask for the alignment to be checked and adjusted if the tread is worn unevenly.
  • With a jack, lift the car and place the front end on jack stands.
  • Hold one front wheel by its top and bottom. Shake the wheel to check for looseness. If loose, take it to a mechanic and ask for wheel bearing service.
  • Take the car off the jack stands and drive it on a road with little traffic.


General maintenance Detect an engine problem
Car parts that need regular care Save on fuel
Detect a brake problem Car maintenance
Change a tire Detect an alignment problem
Preventive maintenance Detect a radiator problem
More on engines Car Paints
  • Watch out for any drift in the steering. Remove your hands from the wheel momentarily if necessary to check the drift.
  • If the car drifts or the tires have uneven wear, it is advisable to take the car to a mechanic for alignment without further examination. While you are having the alignment checked, ask your mechanic to check the ball joints for wear.
  • A vibration in the steering wheel can also simply mean that the wheels are unbalanced. Hitting a pothole can dislodge a balancing weight from the wheel rim and make the car feel as though it is out of alignment.


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