Car Tips 4 - Car Parts That Need Regular Care

In this section, we deal with car parts that need regular care.

The engine does the most amount of work in your car. Its moving parts run at high speed and function at very high temperatures. For the protection of your engine, change your oil regularly, about every 3,000 miles. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on oil and filter changes. Engine oil, transmission fluid and fuel are systems that need to be checked and replaced periodically. Here's another section with more information on engines.

They wear out unevenly. For them to last longer, keep rotating the position of the tires front to back on the same side, and balance them at intervals of around 6,000 miles. Under-inflated tires also increase your fuel consumption by 10%. A periodic check for foreign objects embedded in the tires is also a must.

At times you may notice that brakes tend to become unresponsive, wobbly and act slowly. It is time to check and top off the brake fluid reservoir.

For the prevention of corrosion, it is imperative that you clean the battery terminals regularly and apply a light coating of grease. Also, check the level of distilled water in the battery and ensure that the plates are covered at all times. If the level of water is very low, the acid becomes concentrated and the plates get corroded.


General maintenance Detect an engine problem
Car parts that need regular care Save on fuel
Detect a brake problem Car maintenance
Change a tire Detect an alignment problem
Preventive maintenance Detect a radiator problem
More on engines Car Paints

The interior of the cars must always be spotlessly clean. Regular vacuuming of the interior will prevent the deposition of any kind of sand, dust, grime or salt from damaging the floor surface. Wipe the dash, seats, instrument panel and the rear window shelf. Use special car cleaners and not household stuff for cleaning.

For cleaning leather interiors, use only leather-cleaning products. Avoid cleaners with high alkaline content as they tend to bleach the color off the leather.

A well maintained exterior is a sign of good maintenance and goes a long way in maintaining its resale value. This is especially important in coastal cities where salt air corrodes unprotected metal surfaces as well as in those areas where highways are treated with salt. Wash regularly to keep rust at bay.

Wash windshields with soap and water. Follow it up with clean water. Then use chamois leather to wipe all the spots dry.

So then, cars also pass their infancy, reach maturity and then old age. For a painless evolution from one stage to the other, for both your sakes, look after your car. Yes. "Regular Servicing" are those words. Remember?

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