We service Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Acura, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Isuzu and Suzuki vehicles.

It's Our Business If your car's been acting a little strange, why not bring it to us for a look? We can do about anything you'd need done to your vehicle and if it's not in our area of expertise, we'll recommend someone who can help you.

Hours and Location: Our hours are convenient: 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday - Thursday and to 1 PM on Friday, and we can arrange early drop-offs and late pickups to suit your schedule. We are located at 296 E. Washington St., Harrisonburg VA, between North Main St. and Vine St., down the hill from the Harrisonburg water tower.

Voted "Best Mechanic in the Valley" by the readers of the Daily News Record two years in a row — 2008 and 2009 and Megan, Josh and Dean are still providing the best in customer service. Josh also happens to be a recent graduate of NASCAR'S Technical Training program in Mooresville, NC

Fall is coming to a close and winter will not be far behind. Now is the time to prepare your vehicle for the weather ahead. Call Lorelei to make an appointment to keep your vehicle running reliably through what's sure to come. Josh and Dean have all the skill sets to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and to correct any deficientcies they find that might have a significant impact on the future safe operation of your vehicle. Call now!


Make an Appointment If you'd like to arrange a time for us to service your car, just give us a call and we'll set you up with an appointment to get the work done. What could be more simple?

Check out our warranty services:
Automobiles do not have to be taken to the dealership
for these services to keep the warranty valid.

International Automotive Technicians' Network

If you've had your car serviced recently, please take a few minutes to fill out our survey. We'd like to know how we're doing and if there's anything we can do to improve our service to you.

Payment Options
We accept cash, checks, & major credit cards, but we do not extend credit.

Our Warranty We provide 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on new non-friction parts purchased and installed by Wrench Craft.

Ask Dean Your Question If you have a question about your car's care, why not see if Dean can answer it? Use our handy form to get in touch with him.

Car Tips Here's some general information to better help you understand and take care of your car.

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